Who Decides Your Health Care … If You Can’t?

You can actually appoint a medical power of attorney for all your health care. Most estate planners say that this may be one of the most important documents they prepare for their clients.

We recommend that it be someone who is very familiar with you and how you would like to be cared for. Also someone who can be available within a few hours and is willing and able to make decisions, and sometimes difficult ones that possibly you have already discussed.

How it works is, through a health care power of attorney, you designate someone you trust as your health care proxy or sometimes called health care “agent”. This person has the authority to make important decisions about your health, combined with a living will, these advance directives can guide your family and the ones you love not to mention the health providers in making decisions on how to treat you in the event you are incapacitated.

Now don’t worry if you don’t have an estate planning attorney, ask your financial services advisor or CPA to refer you to one so that you can set up a power of attorney for your health care today.

This is one more step to peace of mind!

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