Cash or Get Well Card for Cancer?

While most people are aware of the increasing risk of developing Cancer, 1 in 2 odds for men, and 1 in 3 for women, many times they are not aware of the devastating costs associated with this disease. In 2010 alone the total cost of Cancer was over $268 billion. Much of the costs associated with Cancer are indirect. Those costs include things like loss of income, travel, and other charges that will never be paid by even the best Health Insurance. With most Americans living paycheck to paycheck, they really aren’t prepared to deal with an extra out of pocket expense. The facts show that people with Cancer are more than 2 1/2 times more likely to go bankrupt than those without Cancer. There are many new and innovative plan designs that help pay cash to an individual when they are diagnosed with Cancer or another Critical Illness. Many of the plans include benefits for Cancer screening, which can lead to early diagnosis, prompt treatment, and better outcomes. While having a benefit that puts money back in your pocket doesn’t make the diagnosis or treatment easier, it is one less thing to worry about, during one of the most stressful times a family can go through. Like I asked one of our customers the other day: If you get diagnosed with Cancer, would you rather we send you a Get Well card, or a check for $20,000? The answer is pretty obvious, and you can purchase a policy like that for around $1 per day. Give us a call at 877-740-8683, or visit , for a free personalized quote today.

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